I have been meaning to blog about my summer for well…all summer.  So here goes…

I went to visit my family in Alabama and helped my Mom do some decluttering.  We found these things…things I loved seeing!

Here is my Grandmother’s graduation announcement from Auburn University.  SO much cooler than mine was.  1951’s was way classier looking. I love the binding.

My Mom found a letter from my Granddaddy.  He wrote to her at Auburn when she was homesick.  I cried when my mom read it out loud.

My Grandfather has alzheimer’s now so it was especially emotional to hear his words to her.

I went out to my Dad’s garden.  It’s a pretty cool backyard garden.  He grows all sorts of things!  Look at those carrots!


I got to visit with my college friends for a weekend.  I love them.  We always eat well.  My favorite meal was the chicken and waffles…so good!  It was served with bacon butter.

I know what you are thinking…sick. right?  You’re wrong…it.was.wonderful.

 And…of course my Mom cooked, a lot.  Let’s just say when I got back from Alabama, my clothes had shrunk! 

One of my favorite things about visiting home is seeing my nephews and niece.

{that’s my niece being pulled  on the back…don’t worry, it’s very slow}

Part two…San Fran!